“Bitter Sweet” anthology benefits Camp Hill’s Fredericksen Library

CAMP HILL, Pa.  — Sunbury Press has released Bitter Sweet, a short story and poetry compilation edited by Catherine Jordan. The anthology benefits Camp Hill’s Fredericksen Library.

Bittersweet_fcAbout the Bbook:
Stories from the the Natalie D. Craumer writer’s workshop at the Fredricksen Library in Camp Hill, PA:

Love and Persimmons by Jessica Moyer
My Temper, a poem by Ramon Pineda
Land of the Free by Ann Elia Stewart
The Graveyard Shift by Marisa Corser
Guardian Angel by Deanne Burch
For Clarence, a poem by Lynn E. Davis
Dinner for Two by Lisa M. Black
Rebel Without a Claus by Larry C. Kerr
The Night in the Bar by Mike Kosarowich
Hibakusha by Catherine Jordan
Room 231 by Madelyn Killion
Unrequited Love, a poem by Gina Napoli
Full of Grace by Justin Tappan
Connie and McPhee by Kathy Johnson
The Ballgame by M.R. Blocher
Angel by C.A. Masterson
Well I Try, a poem by Ramon Pineda
Missing by Carol A. Lauver
The Cry Room by Susan Girolami Kramer
A Penthouse Stay by Alice Steele
The New Tin Man by Mike Kosarowich
Living Will by Christopher Plummer
The Door to Paradise by Debra A. Varsanyi
Ducks Ltd. by Kathy Johnson
My Frozen Rose, a poem by Gina Napoli
Whispering Angel by Fred J. Lauver
Broken Dreams by Deanne Burch
The Hhaze by M. R. Blocher
Stones by Duffy Batzer

Bitter Sweet
Edited by Catherine Jordan
List price: $16.95
5.5″ x 8.5″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Black & white on cream paper
212 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620067857
ISBN-10: 1620067854
BISAC: fiction / anthologies

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Religion, technology, and metaphysics merge in OneWay: The Oracle

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released OneWay: The Oracle, the second novel by Robin McClellan, in partnership with debut author Ruth Marie Oakes Watson.

owto_fcAbout the Book:
Is time as linear as it seems to be?
How far has technology advanced without the public knowing about it?
What are the true limits of consciousness?

It has been a couple of months since Angela had her last paranormal experience. In fact, her life has become routine again-comfortable again-especially with the peace of her Grandmother Iana’s presence. But little does she know, when she opens her grandmother’s Bible one fateful March morning, her life again will be thrown into amazing, enchanting, and dreadful disarray.

Angela’s visions are back, and they’re taking her places she never dreamed she’d go. Murders, terrorism, and tampered spirituality are building up against her, and she’ll need all the strength she can get from the love of her family and friends if she wants to get out alive-and perhaps even save the world in the process.

Angela awoke that day as she did most others: to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Still in bed, she smiled to herself, completely contented by thoughts of what had happened two months previously. Faith could breathe more easily now; she finally knew that her mother had loved her, and thanks to her grandfather’s copper penny, she was more financially secure than Angela imagined she’d ever been. “I wonder what she’s doing now,” Angela thought to herself with a smile.

Then, rising from bed, she walked over to the window and peered outside. The morning was just being born, and the stars were just starting to hide themselves behind the sun’s rays. As she took in the scenery, thoughts of her grandmother Iana pushed against her temples and buried themselves in her mind. “You must be near . . . I can feel you,” she whispered, her voice barely audible.

Spinning around, she faced the dresser and stared at her grandmother’s Bible, which sat atop it, abruptly wondering to herself if any additional clues about Iana’s life were hiding in the lines of her illustrations.

Then Angela tightened the belt of her robe, approached the dresser, and picked up the Bible. She pressed her left hand against its leather cover and rubbed it slowly, thinking that maybe, just maybe, there were answers right beneath her fingertips.

After opening the book, she idly flipped through its pages until she made her way to the back-to the page she’d unsealed to find Maggie’s treasure. To be honest, she hadn’t perused the Bible all that much since January, and it felt new and almost revitalizing to revisit the book-and what it was capable of-after having had time to recover from the first adventure it led her on.

As Angela turned the unsealed page, she found that there was another page behind it, folded over from right to left and sealed toward the spine. And the current day’s date, March 17, 2006, declared itself above the fold in old ink. “It should be safe to open now,” Angela thought to herself, in awe of her splendid timing. So, nervously, she cracked the red seal, peeled the wax away from the page, opened the fold from left to right, and revealed a drawing of a winged insect.

Below the drawing a Bible passage from Exodus was written.

Exodus 10:12: And the Lord said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand over Egypt so that locusts swarm over the land and devour everything growing in the fields, everything left by the hail.”

Puzzled and somewhat disturbed, Angela rubbed her index and middle fingers over the image. “This isn’t a locust,” she thought. “It’s a dragonfly.”

About the Authors:
Robin McClellan was born and raised in a small town outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Growing up in the world of science fiction and spirituality, at a young age he studied the Bible, meditation, lucid dreaming, self-hypnosis, and time travel. As Robin got older he turned his attention to the world of quantum physics, specifically subatomic particles and how they seem to co-exist with spirituality. Robin is a self-made musician, inventor, and an IT professional of over 30 years. Robin is a father, a son, a brother, and a lover of life. Robin is also the co-author of OneWay vol. 1 “The Message.”

Ruth Marie Oakes Watson grew up surrounded by a loving family in central Pennsylvania. As she explored the world around her, she became enraptured by spirituality and philosophy, both of which have their foundation in love. In her writing, she wants to explore the themes common to all of us and to find the connection we all share. She is a giraffe-lover, a wannabe dragon-rider, a dreamer, a musician, and a wife.

OneWay: The Oracle
Authored by Robin McClellan, Authored by Ruth Marie Oakes Watson
List Price: $16.95
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
290 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620067017
ISBN-10: 1620067013
BISAC: Fiction / Visionary & Metaphysical

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Brahm Gallagher of “Game of Thrones” plays lead role in “The Cursed Man”

  • Sunbury Press: In September 2014, you came to Sunbury Press bookstore to celebrate the completion of the filming of The Cursed Man and Sunbury Press’ 10th anniversary. Can you tell us what that day was like?

Brahm_headshotBrahm Gallagher: It was an absolute honor to be a part of the 10th Anniversary as well as be able to support Keith at the book signing. Plus the chance to meet the man who wrote The Cursed Man was not an opportunity to be missed! I’m very thankful to Keith for writing a character that spoke to me and who, although was very troubled on the page, is at his heart someone who is trying to do good in the only way that he sees how at this point. It was also amazing to meet the fans who were fans already and hopefully some more that very soon will be.

  • SP: Alister, the lead character in The Cursed Man is a complex character. Can you tell readers how you prepared for such a complex role and managed to capture the essence of the character?

BG: I relied heavily on the book and in turn the script which was basically at its core a transcription of the written novel. I referred to the script countless times, over and over, and looked at hours of footage and interviews with incarcerated killers, both at the time of their arrests and subsequent interviews years later after spending time incarcerated; to find an essence of the isolation that Alister has imparted on himself based of his fear of the curse. What would that time of solitary do to a person? How would shutting out the world manifest itself in one’s being? Alister has chosen a path that only he can walk down till it is interrupted by the good Doctor. Those areas of mental cognizance were where most of my research went but I also wanted to know the feeling of being hungry for release from something so I lost twenty pounds in one month before the start of shooting by only eating baby food. Who would have known I’d be required to maintain that weight loss for nearly 4.5 months?!!? *chuckles*

  • SP: If you had to describe what genre The Cursed Man is and compare it to a more, well-known movie previously released movie or novel, what would that be?

BG: I believe it to be a psychological thriller. The monster affectation was added by our director but I always believed the demons to be in Alister’s mind. As an actor, I can only control the character and try to manipulate the world that I am thrust into, so for me, it was always about the anguish that Alister has lived through and continues to see through his own warped perspective. Looking at the story with that in mind, I can almost see parallels to the Stanford Experiment and to some extent Shutter Island – how the mind is the institution that holds Alister in check and is also his worst enemy.

  • SP: What was the biggest challenge you had bringing Alister to life?

BG: The production schedule was rough. An absolute hard experience to endure. Not just taking into account the sustained loss of weight but the mental toll, and trying to determine which reality Alister was in dependent on what we were shooting that day. It was also made more difficult by the very independent style in which the film was made. We would work flat out for a few days … running … then there would be a break in shooting, sometimes for an undetermined length of time, then we’d have to jump right back in and go full bore again. It went on and on. The struggle of holding onto Alister’s ever loosening grip on “reality” as well as determining what state he was in as timelines shift throughout the story was a real challenge.

  • SP: If there is a message you wanted to convey to the people reading this interview, what would that be?

BG: This film was a truly independent filmmaking endeavor based on a brilliant independently written book that hopefully will spark in the mind of the viewer/reader. There is a place for pieces such as this in our oversaturated, glam-style, pretty consumer society. Sometimes truths that are hidden aren’t also pretty or glamorous and mental trauma in whatever form it manifests is not to be taken lightly and we should be looking for ways to assist those suffering from it instead of ostracizing them for it.

  • SP: We know of something big on the horizon for you. Please tell the reading audience what you are up to and what you have coming in the near future.

BG: I’m not too sure how big it is at the moment but I have filmed a role for a certain show revolving around thrones with the very distinct hope of returning to that far off land again. I’ve also relocated from Los Angeles to the UK where I have had the great fortune to film a role with the BBC for an upcoming Sunday night drama series and also to work in Ireland, albeit briefly. I’m hoping to get back to other areas of Ireland again very soon.

  • SP: Would you recommend to people that they read the novel before or after seeing The Cursed Man Movie?

BG: I think that is a matter of personal taste. As I have no idea of what the finished film is going to be you may get a better understanding of the story from the book but I’d hope that Alister is both as alive to the audience onscreen as he was to me in the book.

  • SP: Without revealing any spoiler, what is your favorite part of The Cursed Man story or concept?

BG: The complete lack of knowing. Knowing what is real, what is not, what is real but only to one specific character at the time. The feeling of needing to know what the outcome will be because you don’t know where you are at the present. That’s a lot of fun in both a film and a book.

  • SP: If people wanted to follow what you’re doing, please let them know where they can keep tabs on you.

BG: Though I’m admittedly not the best at it I am on social media, but only one site. I don’t tweet, or instagram, snapchat, or use any other sites as I’m not sure I’d have the self-restraint not to say exactly what I’m thinking all the time if it was available to me. I believe mystery is still one of an actor’s greatest assets; knowing too much about a person can muddle the lines, eliminate the delineation of characters I play, and steal some of that mystery. Plus I like to keep people guessing, it’s my job.

About the Premiere:
World Premiere of THE CURSED MAN movie – Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA. Halloween Night October 31, 2016 – 7pm to 11pm – Party before and after. This may be the greatest movie premiere on Halloween Night in the History of the Alex Theatre.  For more information about the venue, please see: http://www.alextheatre.org/

tcm_fc newAbout the Book:
Alister Kunkle believes death is in love with him.  A simple smile from friend or stranger is all it takes to encourage death to kill.

With his family deceased and a path of destruction behind him, Alister sits inside a mental institution, sworn to silence and separated from the rest of the world, haunted by his inability to escape death’s preferential treatment.

But when a beautiful psychologist arrives at the institution and starts offering him care, Alister braces himself for more killings. When none follow, he tries to figure out whether he truly is insane or if death has finally come to him in the form of a woman.

About the Author:
Keith Rommel is an award-winning author of ten novels and is an award-winning screenwriter. His writing has been called, “Horror for the curious mind.” His first two novels, The Cursed Man and The Lurking Man are at various stages of production to become motion pictures. 2016.

The Cursed Man
Authored by Keith Rommel
List Price: $14.95
5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on White paper
222 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620063682
ISBN-10: 1620063689
BISAC: Fiction / Thrillers

About The Cursed Man Movie (2016):

MV5BMTQzNDYxNjkyMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDE2MDUxMjE@._V1_UY268_CR6,0,182,268_AL_Alister Kunkle believes death is in love with him. A simple smile from friend or stranger is all it takes to encourage death to kill.

Director: James L. Perry

Stars: Brahm Gallagher, Brinna LockeMaritza Brikisak

The special edition movie premiere cover are only available through October.
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